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Message from your RT Chairman & Committee - July 20, 2015 RUKUN TETANGGA SS2B – NEWSLETTER NO. 05/2015

For circulation to residents of RT SS 2B

Property Assessment Rebate / Application for LED lights for back lanes

This property assessment tax rebate (of up to RM500) is offered by MBPJ to homeowners who have taken the initiative to make their homes environmentally-friendly and green in the aspect of energy, water, biodiversity, waste management, transportation and other initiatives. This will include one or more of such initiatives like installing solar heaters, LED lights, separation of garbage, composting, re-cycling, using solar panels, roof insulation, rain harvesting, using less electricity and water, using a hybrid car, green landscaping, taking public transport to work and a host of other initiatives.(for details go to MBPJ site-
We will be at the SS2/32 padang on Saturday 25 Jul at3 pm, to explain about this tax rebate initiative and also to help you to fill up the necessary forms to claim for the rebate. If you wish to apply for LED lights for your back lane, please also come at the same time and we will assist you in filling up the forms.

RT SS2B Communication
We still receive request for information that have actually been communicated before in our previous newsletters. Reading the newsletter and keeping yourself updated, will help to lessen the burden of committee members. The newsletter is also posted on our online blog at and you can refer to this blog for past news, our activities and pictures too.

We continue to engage our security company on issues brought up with residents. Among the issues we have discussed with them were:
·         Guards speeding on their motor cycles
·         Having bigger guards name tags
·         What to do if the resident gates are not closed / house or car alarm is ringing.
·         Enforcing strict checks of drivers after midnight
·         Checking of cars in our area, with drivers waiting inside
·         Unnecessarily talking on the phone.
·         Talking on the phone / walkie talkie while on the motor cycle
·         Signing on log books
·         Having proper equipment
·         Not sleeping on duty
·         Proper rubbish disposal
·         Leaving workplace should be authorized by their supervisor
·         Engaging in small talk with residents.
We have seen improvements and will continue to engage with the security company to ensure that the level of required service is maintained.

Unlocked gates
In the case of gates not closed, the guards will ring the bell and attempt to contact the resident, failing which he will call the security committee to advise the resident.However this service is only for paying members of the security scheme. For non-paying members, the guards will just take a quick look to check whether anything is amiss / wrong but will not make any attempt to contact the resident. This similarly applies to alarms ringing.
We request all residents to subscribe to the security scheme and share in the cost of maintaining security. Just call Mdm Ng at 019 2860948 for the form.

Security Supervisor
As advised earlier, our daytime security advisor is Encik Zamri. His new phone number is 016 2039332and he drives a silver metallic Proton Persona WRU 1985.
We really hope that you will please take note of this because we still received a few security alerts reporting Zamri as a suspicious character driving around our neighbourhood. Poor Zamri!
The night supervisor Mr Ken has resigned. Please delete his contact number. Please call Zamri or the guards, if you have any security emergency.

Number of Guards on duty
We have 4 guards in the day shift (currently, from 8 am to 8 pm) and 5 during the night shift (from 8 pm to 8 am). During the night shift, 2 guards are on motor cycle patrol and the other 3 guards are on foot patrol. These 3 guards will man their respective guard posts after midnight.

Payment to Security Company (DeriguourSdn Bhd)
A resident advised us that his friend who manages a condominium pays only RM6.50 per hour for Nepalese guards. Condo guards are mostly static and foot guards. In SS2B, we have 4 guards on motorcycle patrolin the day time and 2 during the night shift. Our security company charges us RM7.20 (70 senextra). The costs for petrol, maintenance,depreciation of the motorcycles, tracking systems etc are borne by the service provider.
In deciding, early in this year, to change to legal Nepalese guards, we had quotations from a few security companies and RM7.20 per hour was the lowest amount quoted to us for our particular scheme using legal Nepalese guards. Deriguour SB, our service provider, holds a licensed permit to operate security services. 

Feedback to RT committee
If you have any feedback or query relating to SS2B, please address it directly to any committee member. If it is urgent, we will get back to you quickly. If not, we will address it in our newsletter and advise you accordingly. We may not answer to queries or issues which are not sent directly to us.

Guard Monitoring system
We are still reviewing options on a cost effective tracking system. Meanwhile we appeal once again to all residents as to not test the guards by leaving your gates opened or by pretending to act suspiciously in our area. The guards should not be distracted from any real emergency.

Guards Performance
We have seen some improvement in service, especially with a dedicated day time supervisor who is quick to respond. We will continue to monitor the performance of the guards.
Although the guards are expected to do their duties diligently, we need to be balanced in our criticism of their performance. Who among us have not called our family and friends and talked to them during our working hours? Who among us have not driven fast, cut queues or beat traffic lights to ensure that we are not late for work or for an appointment? Who among us have not worn our seat belt while driving? Who among us have not talked on the phone while driving? Who among us have never dozed off while working in the office?
We do not condone similar behavior or dereliction of duties. However the RT chooses to deal with such cases with common sense, reasonableness and mercy;much the same as we would expect from our bosses or the authorities for our own little indiscretions.
Let’s not go overboard in our criticism of the guards’ performance.

Renovation to Guard posts
We will be starting renovations of the guard post at SS2/57 shortly. The other 2 posts will be renovated later.

Checking of particulars after Midnight
At the instruction of the Police, we have instituted stricter checks on cars (without security car stickers) coming into our area after midnight. Drivers will have to provide their name, IC number and the address of the house that they are visiting. Please ensure that your security car stickers are displayed.
Please advise your family members, friends and relatives of this new procedure and please request them to comply. The guards just want to ensure that no undesirable persons enter our area after midnight. It is for our own security. If you are a SS2B resident and do not have a car sticker, please show your IC or driving license to the guards so that they can check your address to confirm that you are a resident.
Anyone who is not satisfied with this strict enforcement, is requested to call the Police at 03 787422 or the OCS Sea Park Police station Police chief Encik Afandi, at his telephone number 019 3082222. You may also call any committee member. However please be reasonable. We have received calls which wake us up at 3 am in the morning.
Lately we had a few incidences of residents having heated arguments with our guards. Please do not argue with the guards as they are only doing their duty. There is also no need to threaten to report them to the Police as they all have valid working permits. It would be quicker for residents to get through if they would just give their particulars; lesser stress too.

Security Alert messaging system
There are still residents who are not in the security alert messaging list. If you wish to receive security alerts / messages advising you of urgent security situations / suspicious persons in our area, please advise Edward at 017 6691820 and save his number in your phone contact list. Please note that the alerts are sent by whatsapp and so you will need to have a smartphone to receive the messages. If you are not sure as to what to do, please contact any committee member.

Early Closure of roads
We managed to get a few volunteers to join the sub-committee to work on this proposal. The first meeting will be held shortly. We need more hands. Call any committee member to volunteer to serve in this committee.

Jogging Track Opening Ceremony
We had a simple official handing over ceremony on Saturday 27 Jun 2015 at 9 am in the morning. This was presided over by our ADUN YB Yeo and we had about 100 residents in attendance, including councillour Lee and the Police. The morning activities started with some aerobic exercises led by the Praise dancers and then the joint cutting of the ribbon by our ADUN, councillor Mr Lee, our chairman and the representative from the Police.
Light snacks and refreshments were served. About a dozen residents managed to win prizes of a pedometer by taking part in the fun games.
We wish to thank Ronnie Koh for sponsoring part of the prizes.

Dengue Alert
The number of dengue cases in the country is rising and even a number of our neighbours have been affected. Please ensure that your area is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Empty all containers of still water.

Greening Efforts
Please share with us what you have done in greening efforts and stand a chance to win one of the 10 hampers and other prizes on offer.If you practise any of the following, please let us know (a special entry form will be sent in Oct 2015 for your submission):

1.    Reducing electricity usage by using LED energy saving bulbs and inverter airconditioners.
2.    Roof insulation
3.    Re-cycling garbage / separation of trash
4.    Composting
5.    Using Solar energy / solar panels
6.    Re-cycling old newspapers
7.    Re-cycling batteries
8.    Re-cycling used cooking oil
9.    Rain water harvesting
10.  Using hybrid cars / using public transport to work
11.  Planting your own vegetables
12.  Others ________________________________ please specify

Every single initiative that you practise, entitles you to one entry in the lucky draw for the hampers and other prizes. So if you practise 6 initiatives, you will get 6 entries in the lucky draw. The lucky draw will be done in November 2015 and so that will give you time to implement some or all of these initiatives.
We will over the next few newsletters, give you some ideas on how to go about implementing some of these initiatives.
The entry forms will be sent to you in October 2015.

Separation of Trash
We can start with this for our greening effort.
As responsible citizens of this planet, we should be concerned about the environment and the separation of trash should be a way of life for everyone. We would like to encourage everyone to separate their trash, separating food waste, paper, plastics and glass items.
When it is time for collection tie them separately in plastic bags. If possible, have two bins, one for organic and the other for non-organic waste.
It was reported that separation of trash will soon be made mandatory. Let us not wait until they pass legislation before we do our civic duty.

Useful Contact Numbers
Some useful numbers. Please call directly if you want to report on any of the following:

Party to contact
Lights at lamp post not working Electricity disruption
Careline 15454
Water disruption

1800 88 5252
Sms 39222, PUSPEL
Complaints to MBPJ:
Drains blocked
Rubbish,Garden refuse uncollected
Trees / branches require cutting
Vehicles abandoned

Email to

Online web to
(will get report number)

03 79542020 – 24 hours hotline
03 79563544 – during office hours

Escalation process for MBPJ

Step 1  -           Make online web aduan and get the report number
Step 2  -           Follow up with the pegawai / pengarah. (the name of officer will be stated in the reply to your Aduan )
Step 3  -           Call councillour, in this case Mr Lee Suet Sen 012 2182949.
Step 4  -           Call the Datuk Bandar Tuan Mohd Azizi 03 79563544 or email to him at

RT Committee Meeting
Our next RT committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 04 Aug at 8.30 pm. If you would like to sit in as an observer, please advise any committee member.

Security Fee Payment                                                                                                                     
Please note below, the amount of the revised quarterly payments payable with effect from 1 Jul 2015.
Link Houses                -           RM65 x 3 = RM195
Semi-detached           -           RM70 x 3 = RM210
Bungalows                  -           RM75 x 3 = RM225       

We thank you, if you have already made your payment.

Sunday, July 5, 2015