Tuesday, May 19, 2015

...Guards by Day, Robbers by Night!


Published: Tuesday May 19, 2015 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday May 19, 2015 MYT 9:45:56 AM

Nabbed - guards with gun

Lethal weapon: ACP Munusamy showing one of the weapons the three guards had in their possession.
Lethal weapon: ACP Munusamy showing one of the weapons the three guards had in their possession.

KUALA LUMPUR: Two primary school security guards were among three men arrested for illegal possession of firearm over the past 24 hours.
Sentul police chief Asst Comm R. Munusamy said the men, aged between 21 and 23, were picked up at two separate locations on Sunday and yesterday.
The Star reported yesterday how thugs have infiltrated several residential security firms.
On Sunday, the guards’ colleague discovered a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver in the ceiling of their guard post at a primary school around 10am.
The police were immediately alerted and the company that hired the security guards lodged a report.
“The security guards, who are also siblings, were arrested at about 11pm near the primary school in Jalan Baiduri here where they worked.
“They were on their way to work at the time,” he said at a press conference yesterday.
Investigations led police to a house in Selayang where their accomplice, a 22-year-old man, was arrested at 2am.
“The man, who works as a handphone seller, was the one who obtained the firearm.
“At his residence, we seized a hunting knife, three machetes, handcuffs, a ski mask and a box believed to be used to keep the gun.
“We believe the three were involved in house break-ins. It is unclear how long they have been active but we are investigating,” he added.
It is believed that the brothers had been working at the school in Jalan Baiduri for the past three months.
Police revealed that the older brother had a record involving a house break-in in Kuala Lumpur.
He was released because of lack of evidence to charge him.
The case is being investigated under Section 8 of the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971 for unlawful possession of firearms.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Newsletter Updates by RT Committee

Security Awareness

Please be extra careful if there is a van parked in front of your house. We have received an alert that the person in the van has been taking pictures of the houses. The Police also tells us that the robbers would park their vans in front of the houses so as to obscure / block the view of the other neighbours.

In our recent meeting with the Police, we were also told that there is a syndicate of Latin Americans who specializes in robbing residences, whose owners have luxury cars. The modus operandi is that the would be robber would jog around the area, maybe even ring the gate bell, and if no one is in, will alert his other members, who will also usually come in luxury cars.

The Police has told us that if we see anything suspicious, call their hotline 03 78742222. It is better to be safe than sorry. If we give them early warning, they may come in time to catch the robbers. OCS Sea Park, Encik Afandi, said that if there is no response from the Police Hotline, you can call him at his personal number 019 3082222.
The Police has also responded to our request for a BalaiBergerak in our area. You may have seen it at Road 2/44 this week. They will come at a regular basis.

We have also requested the Police to make more regular visits to our area.

MBPJ / Government related complaints

Please note that if you have any complaints about rubbish, drains, trees, lights etc, you should register your complaint with the relevant Authorities. You can go to MBPJ.gov.my and log in an e aduan for MBPJ related requests or visit the website of the relevant authorities or call them directly. If after making so many attempts and there is no action forthcoming, you may request the RT to bring up the case to higher levels. Let us have a copy of your official complaint made.

Recently we received a number of complaints from a number of residents that despite complaints to the RT certain repairs / requests to the relevant Authorities have still not been carried out. They were also angry that the RT has not solved their problems despite these issues being highlighted a few times.

We hope that residents understand that the RT members just facilitate the liaison with the relevant authorities. We work with the residents. We do not work for the residents. We are all unpaid volunteers, whose time is just as precious as everybody else.

We are thankful however that a few residents have written in to express their appreciation towards the members of the committee for the work done.

A big thank you too, to 2 residents who after being given the opportunity to see the work we do, have agreed to be full time committee members.

We have highlighted the following to our CouncillourMr Lee, for MBPJ to follow up on:

1.      Repair drain sump at Road 2/32
2.      Look into armour cable request at the volleyball court area.
3.      Install lights at Padang at road 2/43 (in the padang itself and also to point towards the side lane of house number 66).
4.      Look into the cracked retaining wall and the collapsed drains at Road SS2/41 padang.
5.      Blocked, clogged drain at road 2/43 along the linked houses.
6.      Re-adjusting the dimensions (height) of the Hump at road 2/42 (in front of house no 8).
7.      Having lights at Road 2/44 T5, Road 2/44 T7, Road  2/41 T12,  Road 2/41 T5 and Road 2/43 T6.
8.      A request for a new hump outside house number 52 on road 2/39.
9.      Lighting up of the road linking SS2/43 to SS2/57 just behind the Padang. This road is frequently used by residents walking towards and returning from the SS2 Commercial area. Lighting can be by adjusting the flood lights at the Padang along the road.
10.  To complete the replacing of drains in SS2B which was not done last year mainly at front and back lanes of SS2/41 and SS2/43. 

Mr Lee has told us that MBPJ will do it’s best to entertain our wish list.

Security Scheme Membership

We are spending quite a bit of money to improve the security situation in our area, having better guard posts, installing CCTV, electronic tracking, getting a local supervisor, changing to Nepalese guards etc. We are also considering to increase the number of guards on patrol, during the ‘peak robbery period’ i.e. from 6 to 9 pm. All these will require an increase in funding.

We would like to appeal to the 20% of residents who are not members of the security scheme to sign up and help to bear the cost of providing better security in our neighbourhood. We hope that member residents can speak to their neighbours who are not contributing towards the scheme (those without the security tag) and encourage them to join. Even if you feel that you do not gain any benefit from the scheme, just take it as a Civic obligation / duty as a part of living in a large neighbourhood community.

Distribution of Car stickers

We will be distributing new car stickers shortly (hopefully we can complete by month end). This however will be only for paying members of the security scheme. It will be put into an envelope and dropped into your letter boxes.


We have received a few enquiries from residents, the nature of which tells us that they do not read our newsletter regularly; cases in point was the distribution of free bins by MBPJ and the offer of free LED lights also by MBPJ, both of which were highlighted in our newsletters. This could be because we receive so many junk mail on a daily basis.

Please note that the RT newsletter will usually be printed on pink (sometimes green) paper. Please take a few moments to read the contents and be aware of what’s happening in our area.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flashback to 2012 - A High Rise Project in Section 19, Petaling Jaya

Why no notice on high-rise project

By PRIYA MENON priya@thestar.com.my Photos by BRIAN MOH | Jun 28, 2012

Why no notice on high-rise project

Application withdrawn: A developer had submitted their plans to build a SoHo and serviced apartment on the land that is currently used as a hawker centre in Section 19 this year.
THE Forum 19 development in Section 19, Petaling Jaya was the hot topic at a meeting held between residents of SS2B, the police and the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

During the dialogue, residents raised their concern over the 34-storey Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) units and serviced apartment development, and the lack of feedback from the relevant department on the status of the developer’s application.

According to SS2B Rukun Tetangga chairman Willie Tan, the developer had submitted the plans earlier this year for the land that is currently used as a hawker centre. A few residents were informed about it before word spread. Tan said MBPJ should have informed all the residents since the development would affect them as the neighbourhood was next to Section 19.
“No signboards for objection had been put up. Of course we would be concerned with the development as the road is already congested” he said.

The residents sent several letters to MBPJ, objecting to the project but none received an official reply. Only a statement was seen in a local daily stating that the developer had withdrawn the application.

“Some of the residents received a letter last week about the withdrawal. We were dissappointed that we were only informed after the withdrawal was done, which would mean the MBPJ left us in the dark during the application process. This is not right,” added Tan.

The residents brought up the topic again, concerned that the project might take off once the area is re-zoned.

However, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua assured the residents that only projects that fulfil the requirements will see the light of day.

Zone eight councillor Tony Cheong who was also present said they have upgraded the system for e-mail complaints from residents that will help with the follow-up of complaints made.

Apart from that, the residents complained that the trees in front of their homes had not been pruned properly. This obstructs light from the street lamps, making the area unsafe for residents.

Cheong said he would personally visit the site and notify the relevant departments.

Also present at the meeting was Seapark police station Chief Inspector Gunam Resul Gulam and Damansara Utama Assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin’s representative Robert Tan.

Some of the residents of Jalan 19/1 also complained about vehicles including lorries which double park on the road, causing massive congestion during peak hours.

C/Insp Gunam assured the residents that he will place two officers to issue parking tickets to the vehicle owners.